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"I am doing Futures & Options trading for the past three years. I have lost huge amount in Futures because one cannot predict what is going to happen to Stock/Nifty tomorrow morning in spite of technical analysis and we cannot keep overnight stop loss to futures. Suddenly if the market goes in opposite direction, the losses are huge since we are doing margin trading and buying/selling the Stocks 10 times more than our capital. Hence the losses are also 10 times more than cash market trading. Option Trading is the only area where one can adapt non directional trading strategies by writing the options on delta neutral basis and hedging the positions always. It was a wonderful experience for me to attend such a workshop being conducted by an eminent Banker with lot of knowledge in Stock market trading. The methodology of teaching was at its best so that a lay man can also understand. Now I am following the techniques taught at the workshop for the past one and half month and I am very much satisfied with the returns I am getting on my investment."
    K.Nagendra Kumar, Hyderabad

"It was nice learning Option Trading Strategies and we got to know how to write options so as to derive assured profits and minimizing the risks involved. We are also thankful to you for extending support to us in future so that we can clear our doubts and take your valid suggestions. In short, all that I can say is that you have made our investment safe."


    Shashikala, Bangalore

"It’s a wonderful experience and I have attained so much knowledge about various Non Directional trading strategies, Option Greeks and more so about calculation of Delta for each strike price of an OPTION. The Method of teaching is excellent, easy to understand and the booklet provided is exhaustive coverage all most all the strategies of OPTION TRADING. I have started trading from 14th of Nov by using Delta neutral option writing strategies and I have already got a profit of 2.5% on my investment of 1 lac with in 8 days. The faculty is highly knowledgeable with 3 decades of Banking experience and also in teaching various financial modules. I owe many thanks to him."


    Ravi Shankar, Bangalore

"I wish I should have attended such programmed long back so that I could have avoided losing money in mere buying the options and that too sometimes both deep out of the money call and put options, there by losing the money every day .I strongly feel all that is happening because most of the new comers into option trading do not have any knowledge of THETA (Time value of options) and they just buy the options with a fond hope of getting huge returns. They don’t know the the percentage of wining chances in buying options is very least because they loose values every day and by expiry their values become zero. Now after attending the 8 hour grueling session conducted by eminent Banker, highly experienced trainer in financial modules, I got the full confidence in option writing using non directional delta neutral trading strategies suggested by him and started getting consistent returns. I sincerely thank the faculty very much."

    Manoj Ravula, Hyderabad

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