Dates of Board Meetings

Company Name Date Agenda
BLS Internation 6-Mar-17 Stock Split
Bombay Rayon 6-Mar-17 Quarterly Results
Coal India 6-Mar-17 Interim Dividend
Emami 6-Mar-17 Interim Dividend
Toyam Ind 6-Mar-17 Others
PG Foils 6-Mar-17 Interim Dividend & Others
Symbiox Invest 6-Mar-17 Others
TVS Motor 6-Mar-17 Interim Dividend
Cadila Health 7-Mar-17 Interim Dividend
Meglon Infra 7-Mar-17 Others
DCB Bank 7-Mar-17 Others
Fraser and Comp 7-Mar-17 Others
Globe Commercia 7-Mar-17 Others
Hero Motocorp 7-Mar-17 Interim Dividend
NINtec SYSTEMS 7-Mar-17 Others
Kellton Tech 7-Mar-17 Others
Ambica Agar 8-Mar-17 Others
IITL Projects 8-Mar-17 Others
Anka Ind 9-Mar-17 Others
Anus Labs 9-Mar-17 Quarterly Results
Gillanders Arbu 9-Mar-17 Others
India Lease Dev 9-Mar-17 Others
Kkalpana Ind 9-Mar-17 Others
Motor and Gen F 9-Mar-17 Others
Sinnar Bidi 9-Mar-17 Others
Aarey Drugs 10-Mar-17 Others
Sun TV Network 10-Mar-17 Interim Dividend
Pil Italica 11-Mar-17 Others
Sundaram-Clayto 13-Mar-17 Second Interim Dividend
Beardsell 15-Mar-17 Others
Ganesh Forgings 15-Mar-17 Quarterly Results
Transgene Biote 15-Mar-17 Quarterly Results
Manappuram Fin 17-Mar-17 Others
Surana Telecom 17-Mar-17 Others
Prime Sec 6-Apr-17 Audited Results
Goa Carbon 11-Apr-17 Audited Results & Others
Mahindra Life 28-Apr-17 Quarterly Results


COMPANYBonus RatioAnnouncementRecordEx-Bonus
V-Guard Ind 2:0530-01-2017 16-03-2017 15-03-2017
Millitoons Ente 1:0120-02-2017 14-03-2017 10/3/2017
GAIL 1:0325-01-2017 11/3/20179/3/2017
Tejnaksh 1:0118-01-2017 9/3/20178/3/2017
Akme Star 1:0120-01-2017 8/3/20177/3/2017
NBCC (India) 1:024/1/201721-02-2017 17-02-2017
Ishan Dyes 1:0229-12-2016 15-02-2017 14-02-2017
Orbit Exports 1:0126-12-2016 15-02-2017 14-02-2017
Ambition Mica 1:0221-12-2016 6/2/20173/2/2017
Fourth Dimensio 1:0112/12/20163/2/20172/2/2017
Nutraplus India 1:1022-08-2016 20-01-2017 19-01-2017
Oil India 1:0328-11-2016 13-01-2017 12/1/2017
Stampede Cap 1:041/9/201611/1/201710/1/2017
Advance Syntex 3:2015-11-2016 5/1/20174/1/2017

Book Closures - List of Book Closures and dates

Company NameStart DateEnd DateAgenda
Shamrock Ind 27-Sep-1630-Sep-17
Prajay Engineer 2-Mar-178-Mar-17
Marg 8-Mar-1714-Mar-17
Northlink Fisc 14-Mar-1716-Mar-17
DIC India 16-Mar-1724-Mar-17A.G.M & Rs.4.0000 per share(40%) Dividend.
ACC 20-Mar-1724-Mar-17Rs.6.0000 per share(60%) Interiam Dividend
VMS Industries 22-Mar-1728-Mar-17
CRISIL 23-Mar-1724-Mar-17A.G.M. & Rs.9.0000 per share(900%) Dividend.
Linde India 11-Apr-1718-Apr-17& Rs.0.7500 per share(7.5%) Dividend.
KSB Pumps 16-Apr-1726-Apr-17A.G.M & Rs.5.5000 per share(55%) Dividend.
Sanofi India 27-Apr-175-May-17Rs.50.0000 per share(500%)Final & A.G.M.
Rain Industries 28-Apr-175-May-17
Merck 2-May-174-May-17Rs.11.0000 per share(110%) Dividend & A.G.M.
ABB India 3-May-179-May-17& A.G.M.
ITD Cementation 5-May-1711-May-17A.G.M & Rs.0.3000 per share(30%)Dividend.
Nestle 23-May-1724-May-17Rs.23.0000 per share(230%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Castrol 27-May-1731-May-17Rs.4.5000 per share(90%)Dividend & A.G.M.