Workshop Details



1 Basics of Option Trading
2 Detailed explanation of – Stock Options, Index Options, American Options & European Options, OptionPremium, Expiration date, Strike Price, In the Money Options & Out of the money options, Intrinsic & Time value of options, Volatility
3 Option Greeks- Delta, Theta, Gama, Vega & Rho
4 Open interest
5 Factors affecting Option premium
6 Software to Calculate Delta of each strike price of an option
7 Delta Neutral Formation
8 Margin money calculations
9 Minimising Brokerage charges
10 Calculation of Rate of Returns (R.O.R) on your investments


All the following Strategies are covered with detailed explanation and pay off schedules/Profit loss possibilities/Margins required

11 Long call & Long Put
12 Short call & Short put
13 Bull call spread & Bull Put spread
14 Bear Put Spread & Bear Call spread
15 Long Straddle & Long Strangle
16 Short Straddle & Short strangle
17 Long Iron Butterfly, Long Call Butterfly & Long Put Butterfly
18 Short Iron Butterfly, Short Call Butterfly & Short Put Butterfly
19 Long Iron Condor, Long Call Condor & Long Put Condor
20 Sort Iron Condor, Short Call Condor & Short Put Condor
21 Covered Call, Covered Put & Collar
22 Synthetic Long Call / Protective Put
23 Synthetic Long Put / Protective Call


Special Strategies for Events like Budget, Quarterly/Annual Results, Policy announcements by  R.B.I  & Expiry  etc