Thursday, July 18

Benefits Of Right Brain Development Activities For Babies
  Our brains are divided into two parts; the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere. The left hemisphere is responsible for linguistic skills, analytical function, critical thinking, logic, and reasoning, whilst the right hemisphere is responsible for creativity, imagination, visual imagery, and rhythms. You can hone your child’s brain hemispheres by enrolling them in baby classes in Singapore. At 0 to 7 years old, the right brain is naturally more dominant than the left brain because photographic memory, sounds and so on help children absorb information quickly. As the toddler grows, the left brain starts to dominate to help the child understand numbers, alphabets, and words.

Here are the benefits of right brain development activities for babies:

1. Boosts creativity

Since the right brain hemisphere is active in babies, it is an ideal period to stimulate your child’s creativity. Babies can acquire new skills by stimulating their creativity. There are several ways to boost your child’s creativity. Among them are painting, play-dough, origami, and storytelling. You can do these activities in toddler classes in Singapore.

2. Develops the right brain further.

Long-term memory, speed reading, and imagination are only a few of many must-have skills in kids. These skills will help children as they start schooling. You can hone these skills by attending right brain development activities for babies.

3. Improves visuospatial abilities

Are you worried your child might get lost or might not find their way home? The key is sharpening their visuospatial abilities at a young age through right-brain baby classes in Singapore. Activities like treasure hunting help your child improve their navigating skills.

4.  Improves intuition and instils empathy

The right brain is also responsible for instincts and emotion. People with dominant right brains are very intuitive and sensitive to emotion. Children learn how to interpret intonation, non-verbal cues, and facial expressions. It is also leeway for empathy. Baby classes in Singapore are really beneficial! Heguru Method provides right brain hemisphere development activities for babies. Visit the Heguru Method today.