Saturday, June 22

How English Tuition in Singapore Helped My Child

It should come as no surprise that many children need a good English tuition centre for secondary school if they are having trouble with the subject. My child used to have great difficulties studying English. He had a hard time grasping the subject and could not keep up with the many lessons. Sometimes, he even brought home a failing grade for his quizzes and tests. Compared to other subjects, his performance in English was less than desirable and did not reflect his overall performance. He was doing fine in other subjects, he just had difficulties excelling in English.

At first, I was frustrated by this development. My child was bright, but he never truly got the hang of English. His English grades always lagged behind his other grades. But his performance hardly improved the longer I left him alone. He was visibly stressed whenever the topic of English came up. I apologise to my child for such a rough time. This was when I knew something was wrong and I needed to intervene.

One day, I had an epiphany. Maybe it was time to get help for my child. I knew my child could do better in his English subjects if he weren’t having any trouble grasping simple concepts. He must’ve been struggling if his performance was any indication. I stopped nagging my child to do better and instead look for ways that could help him prosper. Something like good English tuition in Singapore might make a world of difference.

Every student has their specific strengths and weaknesses. Some are more artistic, a few find science subjects interesting, others have sports-related interests, and so on. Other students may find it difficult to grasp the English language. Even if they get high grades in history class, they might need English tuition and vice versa.

Our job as parents is to identify these weaknesses and ensure that they are properly addressed. In the case of my son, I needed to find ways for him to grasp the English language well so that he may do better in school and not feel the pressures of learning.

Is your child having trouble learning the finer details of the English language? They might need an English tuition centre if that is the case. Because of their troubles, you might want to explore supplementary lessons for your child, like what I did for my own. English is complex for non-native and native learners and has tricky concepts to understand. English tuition may be the best option for students who need a better understanding of the subject.

Don’t be put off by your pride and stinginess. At first, I was extremely sceptical about hiring a tutor or going to a tuition centre for assistance, but it made an obvious and near-instant improvement in my son’s grades.

Don’t wait until your child is struggling for you to search for an O level English tuition centre in Singapore. Augustine’s English Classes ensure you have the right resources for your child to flourish in school.