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How machine learning and artificial intelligence can be useful in digital transformation?

It is very rightly said that “data is the new oil.” Everyone is hungry for data, from customers to businesses. As a customer, you want new content, new articles, and new features on your phone; all this “new” is nothing but data. As a business, data becomes all the more important. You want indispensable data to understand more about your target customers. 

Data analytics is the use of data to derive insight from it. You cannot use raw data for your business. It is useless. Only when this raw data is used to derive some meanings and conclusions does, it becomes useful. Data analytics does just that. 

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is where we put “brains” into machines. We make machines learn to think. It is all about stimulating our brain activities in some non-human entities like a robot. It helps us develop cognitive skills in machines. 

Importance of AI

  • AI can be used to bridge the gap between machines and humans. Today, machines can do only mechanical tasks – tasks that do not require thinking or analytical skills. However, soon, machines will learn from experiences, just like we do. 
  • Artificial intelligence can be used to make the best use of your data. AI feeds on data. We can input all our data into a machine and wait to derive meaningful insight from it. Imagine how easy it would be!
  • AI can be easily integrated into existing products to improve their performance. It can be used in almost every field and any job type. 

What is machine learning?

Traditionally, machines have to be programmed. However, with the emergence of machine learning, we are entering an era where machines can learn from the experiences. We need to feed data into the system; the “code” – as we say it – would be developed by the machine itself. There are several essential concepts in machine learning. Some of them are clustering, classification, anomaly detection, trend analysis, categorization, decision making, and visualization. 

Importance of ML

  • Today, we have an enormous amount of data. With the boom on the internet, the amount of data that businesses can collect has also increased substantially. ML can help us make the most of this data. 
  • We spend a lot of time coding and programming machines. With the advent of machine learning, this time can be put to more productive use. Now, machines will be able to program themselves!
  • Machine learning can be used to solve many real-life problems. It can reduce the complexities associated with the internet. If put to good use, it can be the next breakthrough in this world after the internet. 

How AI and ML can help in digital transformation?

AI and ML will have to work in tandem with the digital transformation. This new mine of data can be most utilized only with the help of these new concepts. They can help us gain meaningful insights from data. It can help us speed up our operations. These can be used to empower businesses. 


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