Sunday, May 19

Why practice papers are an effective way to prepare for exams

Preparations for various top examinations require a lot of study, analysis, and practice to be thorough with all the concepts and topics mentioned in the syllabus. Various exams with various syllabi require extensive research to cover multiple aspects necessary for clearing the exam.

India is a diverse country with hard-working and ambitious students aspiring to achieve their dreams. NEET, USPC, MH CET are all top-level exams students all around the country aspire for.

The best way to prepare is to practice. A set of practice papers are one of the best sources of evaluating your current standing and preparation for the particular exam that a student is preparing for. Personal guidance and mentoring are extremely important while it comes to learning a concept and having topics been made clear. Having a teacher was commonplace a couple of years ago but in today’s day and age personal guidance is difficult due to various reasons.

Kunduz is a trusted online application that students around India have used to solve their concept-related doubts. Students preparing for MPBSE, CISCE, neet, and countless examinations from various boards on various levels have had their queries solved with the efficient scan and solve method.

The way it works is that an image of any doubt or question can be uploaded on the application which will then be analyzed by the group of subject experts available with Kunduz. Subject experts personally answer the question and provide the student a personally solved solution to clear the questions elaborately. All the student has to do is upload an image. A subject expert personally solves the query within 15 – 30 mins to ensure efficiency and timely solution for the student. A truly personalized experience is provided to every student to aid in his/her preparations for their examinations.

A bonus is the ability to be able to personally chat with the mentors in every private tutoring session held in Kunduz. Such personal guidance has different benefits like:

  • It helps to provide impartial and personalized advice to the student.
  • Aids in analyzing what every student needs and guiding him/her accordingly.
  • Providing personal attention to help the student develop problem-solving skills themselves.
  • Being a mentor for the students to help them openly discuss various doubts and questions without any peer pressure or thoughts, and many other such benefits.For students studying for neet or any such exams, doubt clearing along with NEET practice paper will help prepare in a more holistic manner. The same applies to all the exams at every level. So be it MPBSE, CISCE, UPSC, or NCERT related queries; Kunduz provides help in a personal way in order to provide the best possible guidance every single student requires.