Friday, July 19

Why Students Trained in Electrical Technology Have a Bright Future

Students trained in Electrical Technology work primarily as electricians in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. They use their knowledge and skills to work with electric apparatus and systems in the following ways:

  • Install parts and systems
  • Operate them
  • Maintain them
  • Repair them

Technicians work in AC and DC electricity with wiring, motors, controls, distribution panels, and power transmission. 

They also work with appliances, job estimates, testing, inspections, and relevant industry standards and codes. Since electricity is a major power source, there is a constant need for Electrical Technology workers in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors in the U.S. 

In-Demand Electrical Technology Jobs

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the current status of the general job market and industry surrounding Electrical Technicians and Electricians is strong. The BLS reports that projected job growth for Construction & Extraction Electricians will be 8% from 2019 to 2029, which is considered to be significantly faster than the national average for all industries.                  

With the expansion of new home and business projects in many states, these workers will likely have many job opportunities in the future.

The BLS also reports that in 2019, the median annual income for individuals employed as Electricians was $56,180, which equates to approximately $27.01 per hour. It is important to keep in mind that annual income varies depending on the state or city of employment, the specific organization or company, and current economic conditions. Many employers also offer additional job benefits above and beyond the annual income.

“Since electricity is a major power source, there is a constant need for Electrical Technology workers in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors in the U.S. “

A Degree in Electrical Technology Opens Opportunities to Many Types of Work

If you live in an area where new houses are popping up all over, it’s easy to see why electricians and electrical technicians have jobs. New homes need wiring and older ones need electrical maintenance and repair work.                                                                                                                 

Thousands of homeowners each month add solar panels to their roofs and replace their HVAC systems. Job opportunities are present because many electricians are retiring or are near retirement age, and these new projects require additional workers.

Commercial and Industrial Electricians Are Needed – Enroll in Electrical Technology Courses Today

Since there is a shortage of tradespeople in general, electrical workers are in demand in the commercial and industrial sectors of our economy. Small businesses are cropping up as well as healthcare facilities, office buildings, new schools, and many other enterprises.

The most noticeable change in commercial settings is an increase in high-tech installations. Since virtually every building in America has some form of electrical power, a building boom means numerous potential opportunities for electricians. If you want to enter this fascinating profession, get a head start by gaining an education and earning a Certificate in Electrical Technology from a reputable technical school like ITI Technical College. Call today and start forging your journey towards a better life!