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Month: January 2021


How To Stay Cutting Edge In Online Business

    'Staying aware of the Joneses' has for some time been a figure of speech identifying with the need to stay at the cutting edge in online business. The exceptionally quick development of innovation and the continually changing conduct of present-day customers make staying aware of the Joneses a beautiful difficult task for the normal advertiser. Webolutions web design is a firm that will help you stay awake in the digital world and place you at the edge of online business. Organize Your Web Assets  This broadens a lot farther than simply arranging your business. Your web resources are everything from your site to your online media profiles to your facilitating account. Webolutions web design will put all together. All vital resources ought to be advanced for you...

Here’s How UST-Legazpi Teach During The Pandemic

The Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) recently brought a wide-scale medical illness that adversely affected many countries as of today. It includes the Philippines from which has consistently increased its positive cases recorded since the initial outbreak. In effect, it put everyone’s lives on halt which has delayed many plans and dreams. The global pandemic made a huge impact in the different areas of life that includes education. As students are in community quarantine, no one is allowed to go out. It is another challenge yet to be surpassed by the Philippine government. Fast forward to December 2020, the past few months have resulted in the conduct of both asynchronous and synchronous classes in most educational institutions. The University of Santo Tomas-Legazpi is one of the ma...