Saturday, April 13

5 Things You Should Learn in IB Chemistry Syllabus 

You can find chemistry everywhere, even in your own body! Through chemistry, you’ll learn why leaves change colours, how hormones affect your mood, or why natural phenomena happen. You can discover more about life’s mysteries with chemistry and have global work opportunities after graduating from college. That’s why enrolling in an IB chemistry tuition in Singapore is a good decision for your children.

Starting them young can help develop their passion for learning more about chemistry. It can inspire them to pursue this career path and promise to improve their overall skills. So, as a foundation for their knowledge, here are the things they should learn in an IB chemistry syllabus

1. The Periodic Table

The periodic table will help you learn about the different chemical properties. It systematically arranges chemical properties based on the characteristics and ability to form compounds and chemical reactions. So, when attending a chemical class, remember to memorise the periodic table, as it can be an excellent example for your IB chemistry guide

2. Solutions and Mixtures

Solutions and mixtures are also essential parts of chemistry. For example, it mainly talks about the chemical combination of two properties: water and ink or salt and sugar. Scientific experimentation is good knowledge because you will eventually mix chemical properties and check the reactions. It will also help you understand the possible changes in a mixture of components.

3. Units of Measurement

As you attend IB chemistry tuition in Singapore, you must also take units of measurement because they are vital in your scientific experiments. Units of measurement like metre, second, ampere, kelvin, kilogram, and celsius are essential in scientific experiences. It’ll help you find the proper measurement for your test objects.

4. Proper Ways of Handling Chemistry Solutions

Of course, you must also learn how to handle chemistry solutions to ensure your safety. Your IB chemistry syllabus must be included because you must keep yourself free from harm. For instance, it’s better to use protective gear when doing experiments.

5. Understanding Body Chemistry

Learning about body chemistry can also help you understand which chemicals are needed for your body. You’ll know how it can affect one’s health and why balancing body chemicals is also vital. Body chemistry also helps you understand how it affects mental health.

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