Sunday, April 14

How Can A Child Maximise Their Time At A Tuition Centre In Singapore?

A solid educational foundation is necessary for every child’s development. As they learn more, they increase their ability to think, do things, and make informed decisions, which is advantageous for their future. Most parents consider letting their children take extra classes from a tuition centre so they can overcome their weaknesses and gain more confidence in their knowledge and skills.

If you plan to enrol your child at a tuition centre in Singapore anytime soon, below are some tips so they can maximise their time very well.

1. Use A Homework Calendar

Having a homework calendar allows your child to manage their time more effectively. They will know the date to submit the homework for this or that particular subject, whether for school or their tuition centre.

Urge your child to create a digital version of a homework calendar so their smartphone or tablet can remind them about their upcoming homework and exams.

2. Encourage Them To Take A Break

Studying for hours can be stressful and place a toll on your child, affecting their learning ability and knowledge absorption. To guarantee nothing terrible will happen, encourage your child to take a break in between their lessons as they switch from primary English to science tuition class in Singapore.

3. Eliminate Distractions

Taking away distractions can help your child focus on studying the materials they got from their tutor. When you notice your child is reviewing their lessons at home, try not to make a noise as much as possible so you will not disturb them and break their concentration.

4. Set Up A Reward System

Education has milestones. If your child just completed a secondary English tuition class in Singapore, compliment them for a job well done. Simple feedback can go a long way. Your child will become more confident and motivated to learn more.

5. Refresh Their Knowledge

Your child can also maximise their time at a tuition centre if they keep everything they learned intact in their mind. Testing them through a written or oral exam can help refresh their memory and knowledge.

The next thing you need to do is inform your child, so they may make the most of their time at a tuition centre now that you know what they need to do.

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