Thursday, July 18

Math Paper Tomorrow? Quick Last-minute Tips To Look At

Is math troublesome to you? And the math exam coming by is bothering you? There’s no point stressing when you have quick solutions for your last-minute doubts. Today you have got doubt solving apps like Kunduz, photomath that help resolve your math problems in a few minutes. Kunduz lets you simply take a photo of the doubt, which is then scanned. Viola! You get your answers in a few minutes. Other than such apps there are a few tips you can look into, they are as follows:

  • Don’t panic & breathe deep:
    The first fifteen minutes of reading are sure to keep you tense. So be prepared for it. Before the panic rushes in make sure you are well hydrated and keep breathing. This helps relieve stress. At first, ag gp based questions will make you feel stressed. But when the reading is dealt with having a calm mind, there is nothing coming your way from acing the math paper.
  • Keep the tough questions on priority: It’s advisable to keep the tough questions on priority. This allows you to spend quality time on the hard questions. Your focus and capacity to concentrate on challenging issues decline throughout an examination. Hence reading and conceptualizing the hard ones is crucial. With this in mind, there is much to be said to use your reading time to answer the hardest questions of the paper. But for now, get a hang of those questions.
  • Keep a logic map ready: This seems unnecessary but building your solution from the foundation is always a smart idea. Draw a diagram, recognize the problems, specify a formula for your questions and then gradually analyse the solution. Keep yourself aligned with the possible formulas the math problem can have.
  • Observe the paper pattern: This benefits students in two ways. First, it gives an understanding of what kind of questions are lined up and secondly it also hints at a few repeated questions. You also get an understanding of the number of extremely short answers, brief answers, and extensive answers. You’re also familiar with the distribution of sectional marks. A small tip here can help you understand how the math paper is set even before sitting in for the exam.
  • Formulas to keep in check: Keep a formula notebook. Make sure you remember all formulae in all chapters. When you answer questions throughout the test, this saves you time. Even the math concepts like permutations and combinations, probability etc. can have a separate list of notes. Revising them last-minute helps you keep updated during exams.


Lastly to sum up there are a huge plethora of tips you can look at prior to the exams. But dwelling on these last-minute tips should help you keep calm and solve the paper smartly.