Thursday, June 20

The Causes Of Teacher Stress and How To Combat It

Several studies and surveys attest to the stress inherent in a teaching career. A quality-of-life survey conducted in 2017 found that six in ten educators described their work as “often” or “always” stressful. This rate is more than twice the number of employed adults who work in other fields.

This kind of stress impacts mental health; 58% of teachers surveyed admitted having poor mental health because of stress. Other studies have found that three in four teachers say their work is often stressful. The ongoing stress that the pandemic places on educators has increased teachers’ stress levels to the highest ever.

Getting plenty of sleep, eating a nutritious diet, cutting back on junk food and empty calories, and making time for physical activity can all help teachers manage stress better. Adopting mindfulness techniques such as meditation can also help educators decrease the amount of stress they feel and manage symptoms of stress or anxiety that arise.

For more information about this common issue among teachers and how they can help manage it, check out the accompanying resource.

Graphic created by Graduation Source.