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Day: December 22, 2022


5 Reasons to Learn Mandarin Through Online Classes

Most people are intimidated to learn a new language, especially in adulthood. It takes more effort for an adult to be proficient in a foreign language. However, it does not mean it is impossible to learn one. Nowadays, many institutions and groups have online Korean, Thai, Japanese and Chinese class offerings for interested individuals. Learning Mandarin Chinese is one of the best investments anyone can make. However, many can only begin learning in their spare time. If you are one of these people that lack the time, never fear. Few things provide the same tremendous payout whether you want to improve your academic, job, or life abilities. The following are the five benefits you can receive when you learn Mandarin through online classes. #1 Increased Popularity In the past, learni...

5 Frequently Asked Questions About Belly Dancing Classes For Beginners

Belly dancing reached the peak of its popularity in the 1960s and 1970s. Even with the advent of other dances, such as Zumba, breakdancing, and even TikTok dances decades later, belly dancing still remains relevant in the dancing scene. There are still belly dancing classes. This article will answer all your frequently asked questions about belly dance and belly dance classes in Singapore: FAQ #1: WHAT IS BELLY DANCING? Belly dancing is a type of dancing from the Middle East that is notable for fluid hip and torso movements. FAQ #2: WHAT SHOULD YOU WEAR WHEN ATTENDING BELLY DANCE LESSONS? Due to the mainstream media's portrayal of belly dance, many people think of skimpy two-piece clothing and a belly ring. It all boils down to the dancer's preference. For training, the ideal...